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  • Farzeen Heesambee

My worst enemy

Huge, solid and sturdy, he stood in the middle of the living room; there was no way you can miss its overwhelming presence. He might have been physcially disabled but mentally,he was strong. Not once would he give away what he so vehemently protected. He was the self-assigned treasurer, the keeper of valuables and he carried his title with utter pride.

No stares could break through his glassy eyes, proud as ever, he looked upon you and laughed at your helplessness; he knew it all, he was far stronger and superior and whatever he was allowed to touch was forever forbidden from your grasp.

Chosen without any contempt by your parents, he dwells in the security of always being more cherished, more trustworthy than you ever would be.

Come Christmas, he shone with excitement from the polishing your mum bestowed upon him. He knew what it felt like to be prized and ever more so, he knew that without a doubt he would be granted your every wish. That’s right, your wishes were his rights.

You tried over and over to find a way to break through the glass, but it was an impossible task; guarded and protected by your very own parents, who never let their guards down upon your incumbent footsteps, there was no way take what was rightfully yours.

You were just allowed mere glimpses through the glass to wonder what it would feel like to play with your own toys, the toys that you were told were yours but you knew you would never be allowed to claim.

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