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  • Farzeen Heesambee

The Mauritian flag

This is the Mauritian flag which we proudly wave, not because of who our ancestors are or where they came from but because of who we are, who our parents are and many of us who our grandparents are/were.

Red symbolises the struggle for Independence by the white, black, brown, yellow and mixed Mauritians.

Blue symbolises our existence as an island in the Indian Ocean and our reliance on the sea and our commitment to protect it.

Yellow symbolises the light of Independence, a light that takes us away from the struggles of our African, European and Asian ancestors, a light that proves we have our own identity. A light that breaks every shackle of colonisation and neo-colonialism.

Green symbolises our existence as an island committed to protecting the environment, our trees, ours beaches, our plants, our forest, our gardens, our mountains and our islets and dependencies.

Nothing can take this away from us, not any government or governments in the world, not a social network hack. No! Not even when we move to a different country!

As One People As One Nation this is our motto.


Yours Mauritiusly,

FH 26/02/2021.

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