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Yours Mauritiusly: Embrace the mountains

Mauritius, the picture of a perfect beach holiday. The island of Mauritius has more to offer, a volcanic island with a bewildering geology will have you spellbound!

Photo by Reuben Pillay

The picturesque island is not only a holiday destination for those who seek a quiet and peaceful break at the beach by taking in the serene blue lagoon and the heart-warming sunlight. Mauritius has more to offer in the shapes of its beautiful mountains. There are five mountain ranges in Mauritius, screaming with the most unblemished beauty spots, waiting to be discovered by those who want a bit more adventure. So why not give it a go?

The village of Tamarin, offers the best of both worlds; from La Tourelle du Tamarin, a stand-alone peak of 560m, you can witness the subliminal beauty of the West Coast. Tamarin, a small village, made famous in the 70s in the documentary 'Forgotten Island of Santosha' is a dream-haven for surfers and swimmers. It is famously known among locals for its centuries- old salt-pans that are revered. The salt-pans which are currently in the middle of crisis among locals who are opposed to the destruction of their local heritage to build yet another shopping mall for the comfort of tourists, may not be an attraction for long. They have been part of the fauna and flora of Mauritius that may seize to exist for locals and tourists alike. Deemed unworthy to entertain fellow tourists due to their lack of modern infrastructure and, the growing need for modernisation in the developing country of Mauritius, gone soon will be the days when school children's educational trips to the salt-pans would take place, instead they shall have the honour of visiting another shopping mall, amongst so many others.

Photo by Reuben Pillay

La Tourelle du Tamarin speaks for itself. 'La Tourelle' meaning the small tower, refers probably to an old small tower that does not exist anymore. Unfortunately, Mauritians cannot remember any 'small tower' although 'La Tourelle', the French word meaning 'small tower' sings of a past witnessed by some of their ancestors.

But all is not lost, climbing La Tourelle was one of the most exciting thing you could do, walking through the fishing village, and passing through the houses, you would get to the bottom of the mountain, from there a treacherous but scenic climb would take place. Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer this ecstatic experience anymore; the site is currently undergoing construction for modernisation. A company with a South African affiliation is currently building modern infrastructure for the benefit of the islanders with the blessings of the Government, they have ceremoniously cut down trees, and got rid of the dense forest in the area to offer the beautiful sight as picture below; a view that would take your breath away and make you want more. Enjoy this enchanting sight of construction once you reach the top of the mountain, for you can still view afar as it may not be the case soon once the voluptuous buildings are shaped.

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Be sure to pay a visit to the covid-free island of Mauritius as we rely heavily on Tourism and the local fishermen cannot wait to lose their business to the new shopping mall soon to be erected.

Yours Mauritiusly,

FH (09/02/2021)

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